Best First Dogs For Families


Best First Dogs For Families

Expecting soon? Already have a little one? A furry companion is a great way to introduce children to the natural world, teaching them to love and respect animals in all their shapes and sizes. Dogs have long been the favorite choice for a first pet; they are loyal, loving and usually well-mannered! Here is a short list of dog breeds that are well-known for being patient and caring towards our young ones – do remember that each dog is an individual! The traits listed are generally found throughout the breeds but every doggy is different.

Best First Dogs For Families

Labrador Retriever

Labs are one of the most popular breeds for families – friendly, loving, intelligent and loyal, Labs are dogs you can rely on. They love exploring the outside world so make great companions for exploring kids – they also have bundles of energy! As long as they have nice long walks and plenty of exercises these gorgeous dogs love to cuddle up too. With their mellow, laid-back reputations they are great with children and other animals – making the perfect family pet.



Loving the outdoors and exercise, Beagles make a fun, energetic pet. Beagles are excellent with kids as well as other dogs, they are well known for their loyalty and their good natures. Unlike Labs, they aren’t as demanding when it comes to exercise, but they do need help keeping their weight down. Beagles are naturally very clean and their short, shiny coats are very easy to care for.


Playful yet protective, Boxers are great for families made up of all ages. Females, in particular, are instinctively gentler around young children, being a bit more forgiving of over-eager hugs and playful ear-pulling. Boxers are known for being docile and incredibly affectionate – as well as being a great guard dog. Sociable and playful, they do need strict training initially. Some boxers are known for lifelong puppy-like behavior!


Forgetting some of the more curious haircuts, Poodles are very smart and gentle. Fantastic for kids with allergies – they shed very little and have little dandrum. They do require regular grooming due to all those glorious curls! Unlike some other breeds, they don’t bore easily or get annoyed much. Incredibly patient, good-natured and with a generally happy, friendly demeanor.



Sturdy, docile, loyal and friendly, the Bulldog is perfect for a kid that likes to play rough (but not too rough!). Suitable for houses and apartments alike, they don’t demand a huge amount of exercise – some people call them couch potatoes! Very smart and absolutely love socializing, they have a penchant for fun.



This breed absolutely adore children! Known as Nature’s Babysitter, they may be large but they are incredibly loving, patient, kind and gentle. Due to their stature, Newfoundland’s need plenty of space, they’re really not apartment dogs! At home inside with the family, they love to be surrounded by their loved ones. They can be a bit attention-hungry, loving to share a bed with someone. Incredibly devoted, they do however shed and dribble huge amounts.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These spaniels are incredibly adaptive, changing their needs to suit your lifestyle – they can go from a little exercise to a lot. Their silky coats are easily maintained and don’t require professional grooming – regular brushing and combing will do. Vivacious, they love to play, but they also know when to be gentle and caring. No shyness here, they love to meet people. Natural friendliness means they can withstand some of a child’s shoving and tugging and when pushed too far they’re usually all bark and no bite.

A Final Word On Getting The Best First Dogs For Families

When getting a new pet, please try adopting first! There are so many loving animals waiting to be re-homed and animal shelters always need caring families to look after our furry (and sometimes not so furry) friends who haven’t been given a good start in life.

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