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A DOG’s Point Of View
Most of the time my human calls me Cookie

Now and then for reasons that totally escape me, though, he calls me Cookie-Wookie. And then at other times, he refers to me as simply “the dog”. Ah well, humans. Sometimes they just don’t get it. But no matter what name anyone might choose for me, in the end the truly important thing about me is that I’m probably not who you think I am.

Besides, lately it’s become all-too-clear to me that there’s way too much wrong-headed information about dogs that’s being bandied about out there. First of all, you must understand that I’m not in any sense of the word what could be thought of as being human or even human-like, although I am in fact regularly mistaken for having somewhat human-traits and abilities of my own.

As a result, it seems to me there may be a couple of things about the canine/human relationship that could probably use a little clarification. For one thing, both humans and dogs have a lot we can teach each other. Now I think that is a very good thing. Because as it happens, we also both have a whole lot that we could learn from each other.

That said, we are still without a doubt very different from each other in a number of ways. Yet in spite of some of the more obvious differences, there are many other things that we have in common. Just think about it. We were, after all, both designed and created by the same intelligence. Why in the world then, would we not also share some similarities?

Interestingly, though, one of the things most humans just don’t seem to understand, is that the same Creator who made us all must by probably little more than inference be in possession of a wickedly funny sense of humor. You alone, as a human, were, according to the Bible, created in the image of God. Dogs were not created in their Maker’s likeness, but then don’t let that little fact fool you.

And please don’t permit that rule over the animals thing that’s also in the scriptures mislead you. What that means, really, is that you’re being given stewardship and responsibility for the well-being of one of the Creator’s creations; namely us. Yes, man is unique in that God breathed the breath of life into him alone, but then you should realize that we are also unique in the purpose we serve as your companion.

“Cookie? Where are you, little buddy?” Okay, that would be my human calling me.

“Woooof, woof!” Excuse me. I have to go.

How things work: From a dog’s point of view
Mostly my own doggie thoughts of course; as translated by my human.
“Then God said, Let us make humans in our image, in our likeness. Let them rule the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the domestic animals all over the earth, and all the animals that crawl on the earth.” – Genesis 1:26 God’s Word Translation

“The earth and its creatures may have other relationships of which we are ignorant, in which they serve their own purpose.” – Rabbi Hirsch on Genesis 1:26

As a human, you’re no doubt aware that dogs normally live maybe ten to fifteen years and possibly a little longer, according to your concept of time. Humans, though, being human, are always trying to express our dog lives in very human terms. So you’ll hear humans say that their dog is 9 years old, but in dog years their dog is probably about 49 or so. Humans seem to think they can accurately calculate our age by saying every dog year is equal to about seven human years. But then more knowledgeable humans use ten and a half human years for the first two years of life, and four years thereafter. That’s hardly correct, either, but we won’t quibble about it right now. Just suffice to say that the reality of exactly how long we dogs have been around is considerably different from the human concept of reality as it relates to time.

You might be surprised to find that most of us dogs have lived many different lives; all of them often making up a rather long and sometimes storied history. Yet that’s not to say that we move from one lifetime to another lifetime much as a human might click a light switch off and on. Of course, a much smaller number of us are what you would call brand-new. Those dogs are here for the very first time. Every life, as you might well imagine, has been different from all the others. But in each case, I’ve always been a dog. Things on earth were much different a few hundred years ago, so even though you probably would’ve recognized me as being indeed a dog, I wouldn’t look anything like the dog that I am today. But what you humans call my mind, which incidentally really isn’t, has been around the whole time.

You may thus deduce from all this that you too live many lives on this earth and that you keep coming back to perhaps attempt to fix the mess you left the last time around. But that’s not really true. When you return and live another life as a human, you do so as an entirely different entity. That doesn’t mean you won’t have the occasional flash of some memory of the ancient past. It simply means that each time you’re here, you’re here as a very different “me”. That’s because each time you are created with a unique soul. It’s that outstanding difference that makes things enormously complicated.

Consider this. While bodies are little more than containers; things that indeed do die, when it comes to humans, souls are more like us in that they are in fact that part of God that inhabits the essence of who you are. Of course, the big difference between humans and dogs is that we’re not a part of God at all. We dogs, though, are something quite different. If you’re still with me, you might suppose that I’m saying dogs are some sort of messengers; possibly even that we are something along the line of angels. But then most humans don’t really believe angels in fact exist. And they are partially correct in their reasoning. Angels do actually exist, they just don’t generally make appearances any longer. At least they haven’t in the last few thousand years or so.

Humans just assume that they are looking at reality when they see a tail-wagging, adorable, furry little bundle of squirming energy; energy that strangely, they believe belongs to them. But you can’t even begin to see what we are on this plane of existence. And even if you could, which is in fact, quite impossible, you’d not realize what you were looking at. Because it really amounts to this: when you are with us what you are experiencing is the mind of love itself.

Okay, the thing about dying is that all living things seem to fear it. Humans appear to have the most difficulty with it, and that’s interesting given their propensity for systems of believing in a higher power. Having experienced death myself now a number of times, however, I can truly say that dying itself is not really a process like most humans probably assume. And death as an experience is the same for all living things. Up to the point of death, what living creatures really fear, though, is not so much death, but rather the pain of death.

In the scheme of things, because all types of physical bodies are rather fragile, the pain that may be felt in terms of sensation is relatively, and blessedly brief in its duration. The energy simply moves on. I would say it moves on quickly, but then when anything dies, there’s no measurement or concept, or need for time. When either a human animal or any other living creature is born, there is no recollection of the birth process. In similar fashion, no one ever really has a clear memory of having died. At best, there are vague perceptions of what once was. But any hurt; any pain we may have experienced is largely forgotten.

In my case, what happened to me that day would have no relevance to my being until my being reentered the physical realm; the world in another incarnation. Since time does not exist on that plane we enter when we leave this earth, it’s impossible to say how long it was before I was assigned a new task and was born of a new mother. Yet once we exit the earthly realm, we also exit earthly concerns. We may or may not ever be reconnected again, but if and when we are, there will be little more than scant remnants reminding us of our former existence.

Humans by nature are barely capable of dealing with what they can touch, see, smell and hear. The creator just simply made humans that way. Humans are much different than dogs because they are destined to live forever. Even so, forever, as a concept is almost impossible for humans to grasp. That could explain the prevalence of religion and a fascination with what humans refer to as the “hereafter”. When it comes right down to it, existence is simply put, an always. Forms of energy change; bodies pass away, yes, but that always part of human existence never ends.

Dogs are a little different, though. That’s because all animals, that is all animals other than humans, are designed for a life purpose. That could be one life’s purpose, or it could be a limitless number of lives’ purposes. But humans exist solely thanks to their Creator. The lives that humans live on earth represent but a fraction of their always existence. But for dogs, the spirit needs no reconnection or reconciliation with their Creator. Because in essence, dogs in particular, bring the reality of a super-creator home to humans to which they are assigned.

For now, let’s try to simplify things a bit and just say that we dogs are emissaries of love. Humans are here to toil and work and figure out how to make a life on this earth. Dogs have no such obligation. Dogs are sent here for a very special purpose. Dogs are put here as an energy of love from the Creator that’s wholly contained in what you think you see as an earthly, doggie vessel. The part of what you call a dog that you see arrives much as you do, in the form of a physical presence. But the thing that separates us as living creatures comes down to pretty much just one thing: purpose.

By now, I imagine you might have a few questions. One of them is probably just this: “Have I always been called Cookie”? Well, no. Although I am one and the same energy that I’ve have been since I came to be, I’ve also been known by a number of other humanly invented names over my many lifetimes. In my first incarnation, I actually was given no real name. I was simply called “dog” or indeed most of the time, I was simply called “beast”, or in the native Germanic language of the day, “du Bestie”. This wasn’t unusual because at that time most humans never bothered to assign names to us.

We could simply say that, yes, we’ve all evolved from the beings we once were; humans and animals alike. Evolution essentially implies nothing more than just exceedingly slow change. Contrary to popular opinion, evolution does not not necessarily mean a huge improvement in the species. Of course, humans do tend to argue incessantly about their own evolution. They fret endlessly about both their origin and their ultimate destiny. Apparently not many of them have ever bothered to read that little bit of information contained in Genesis. You know, the part about them having been made in the image of their Creators.

That means humans are rather special. We dogs certainly weren’t made that way. And as much as many humans keep trying to make us seem more human, the fact is, we’re dogs. Our purposes, our origins, and yes, our destinies, while often intertwined are in fact quite different.
Interestingly, humans seem to think they were the ones who found us and took us in. The fiction goes that we were running around in packs, that we had no apparent purpose, that we were another of nature’s puzzling creations. The truth is, though, we were around long before you were.

As a human being, you will live only one spiritual existence. You may or may not visit the earth in a physical manifestation any number of times. Your spirit may in fact enter bodies that will experience very different lives than others you may have once led. But your spiritual existence is the part that keeps getting confused. That’s the eternal part. Life is what you experience while you’re walking upon this earth. Existence is something altogether different. Existence is something that experiences no death; no end. We dogs, on the other hand, have no real eternal essence. But we do have the benefit of experience from living multiples of physical life on this planet.

Never, ever forget that we all are very, very special creatures; creations that were designed to complement one another and enrich the experience we call life.

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