Gas In Cats Stomach – AKA Cat Fart


Gas In Cats Stomach

Your cat let one off!

Not that you heard it. The cat fart was lacking the parrrp, but you know that kitty did one alright, it has assaulted your nostrils and man is it ever potent, the fumes are strong enough to make your eyes water.

So what is causing kitty to fart?

There are several possible reasons why your cat is passing gas.

Likely the cause is nothing too serious and can be remedied quite easily. Sometimes though it can be due to a medical condition that needs the attention of a veterinarian. If your cat is farting frequently you may want to take her along to be checked over, just to be safe.


Digestion And Gas In Cats Stomach.

Are you feeding your cat a low-quality cat food? It could be that your cat’s food is the cause of her smelly farts.

Low-quality cat food contains very little of what cats need to eat – meat. Cheap cat food is bulked out with grain and cats have a tough time digesting grain.

The grain is processed before it is mixed with the meat, so it is a little easier for a feline’s digestive system to deal with. But even so, the meal can remain in the cat’s stomach for some time. This can produce a buildup of bacteria, the result – a cat fart and a smelly one.

The remedy? Easy, buy your cat a better quality cat food. Yes, it will cost a few pennies more, but worth it if it means easier digestion for your pet and you not having to put up with her awful gas.

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Ensuring that your cat gets enough exercise will not only keep him or her fit but also have a big impact on maintaining a healthy digestion.


A Nice Dish of Milk – Bad Idea.

Do you give your cat milk in the mistaken belief that it is good for her?

Cats do not need milk. Once they are beyond the kitten stage and have weaned off their mothers’ nipples they simply do not need milk. In fact, many cats are lactose intolerant and have difficulty in digesting it.

Just like too much grain in a cat’s diet, milk can cause intolerant felines flatulence.

Cat Worms – Gas In Cats Stomach.

Your cat farting could be caused by intestinal worms. Your cat roaming around outside has many opportunities to get infested with worms. Swallowing a single flea can give your pet tapeworms.

If you have any reason to suspect that your cat has intestinal worms get your cat to a veterinarian a.s.a.p. otherwise the infestation will only get worse. Worms can have serious consequences for your feline, much more serious than passing gas.



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