Maine Coon Cat Characteristics


Maine Coon Cat Characteristics

What is a Maine Coon Cat?

Maine Coon Cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the World. These gentle giants of the cat world are extremely smart and easy to train, but it is their gigantic size and sweet nature that makes them the most wanted cats on the planet.

I personally had never even heard of Maine Coon Cats until I adopted a kitten, that just happened to end up being a Maine Coon. This photo is of my first Maine Coon Cat, Kitty Wumpus, who has now passed over the Rainbow bridge & is very missed. He is the reason I fell in love with this incredible breed.

Kitty Wumpus was extremely smart and just beautiful. I now have my 2nd Maine Coon named Scrapper and he is another example of how wonderful, gentle & smart this cat breed is.


Maine Coon’s are BIG!

The Gentle Giants of Cats

The most distinguishing characteristic of these cats is their size. Maine Coons are long muscular cats. The Guinness Book of World Records longest cat is a Maine Coon.

This is a photo of my Maine Coon Mr. Kitty Wompuss, He is was 40 inches long and weighed 22 pounds. Maine Coons take 4 years to reach full maturity and size. Kitty Wumpus was only 2 years old when this photo was taken.


Maine Coon Facts

Maine Coons are one of the oldest cat breeds native to North America and is the official State cat of Maine.


A Maine Coon Was The Winner Of The First Cat Show In The U.S.

A female Maine Coon cat named Cosey was the winner of the first-ever North American Cat Show in 1895. Maine Coons were no strangers to cat shows even before that. In the 1860’s farmers at the Skowhegan fair in Maine held a contest to show off their coon cats called it the Maine State Champion Coon Cat contest.

Although Maine Coons enjoyed popularity in their early days, by the 1950’s their popularity had declined so much that they were mistakenly declared extinct. Luckily that wasn’t true, but it did inspire Maine Coon breeders to revitalize the breed. Now Maine Coons are considered the second most popular cat breed in the World.


Maine Coon Facts

Maine Coons are known to be very verbal cats, that enjoy talking back to their humans. Maine Coons often talk with a chirping or trilling sound, almost like a purr and a yowl combined.


A Big Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coons take four years to mature instead of the usual 2 years for most breeds of cats. Since my cat Scrapper is still young he hasn’t developed his full mane yet. Scrapper still has a way to go until he is full grown. He is currently 38 inches long & weighs 23 pounds. He would be longer, but he has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which is a common birth defect in Maine Coons due to over breeding. Scrapper was a rescued kitten & is neutered. Because Maine Coons are so popular some disreputable breeders run kitten mills & birth defects like SMA & Hip Dysplasia have become far too common in Maine Coons that are overbred. When looking for a Maine Coon kitten or cat, always go to a reputable breeder or consider rescuing a Maine Coon Cat from a shelter.


What Do You Think Of Maine Coon Cats?

Are these gentle giants cool or what?

Maine Coons are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

Are Maine Coons Your Favorite Cat Breed?



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