Maltese Yorkie – Should You Get A Morkie?


A Morkie puppy is Maltese Yorkie toy sized dog

  • The Morkie Terrier dog is a cross between the Maltese Terrier, and the Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie.
  • The Morkie puppy makes a great family pet and enjoys all the benefits of being cross-bred (cross-breeding opens up the gene pool and diminishes the negative effects of inbreeding and line breeding). Pictured here is a Morkie adult dog from Puppy Love Connection; this tiny little girl weighs only 5.5lbs.
  •  Morkie puppies generally grow to between 3-10lbs and are considered a Toy sized breed of dogs.
  • We call a Morkie that has two purebred parents a Classic Morkie. If there is another breed in the background besides the Yorkie and the Maltese, the puppies may be all one color, without the telltale Yorkie markings.
  • The Classic Morkie puppies have Yorkie coat markings, but with white instead of the usual tan. When they are first born, their coats are quite dark, and they lighten as they mature to silver, gold, and white. Their ears tend to flop like the Maltese but are perky at the base like the Yorkie. Please enjoy our morkies newborn puppy to adult pictures and video of Morkies pups, and if you’re looking to buy a Morkiepuppy, there are Morkies classifieds ads listings offered.


Is a Morkie or Yorktese right for you?

MORKIES are the adorable result of breeding a purebred Yorkshire Terrier with a purebred Maltese. The result is a designer dog you just might like. But what are the pros and cons of the Morkie or Morky? 

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  • Designer dogs or hybrid dogs are very popular — in fact, they’re often advertised as designer dogs.
  • Breeders or hobbyists will breed two purebreds for a crossbred result. Those results — the pups — are almost always different since it takes many, many generations to develop a true breed.

So when dog breeds are designed, how do you know you’re getting the best of both?? Is it possible to get the WORST of both breeds? Well, that’s the problem… but then again you might find the risk is worth it!

What is a Morkie?

Pretty simple – Yorkie + Maltese = Morkie

A purebred Yorkshire Terrier bred with a purebred Maltese = a Morkie

Is this a good combination?

Yes… and no.

On the plus side — Morkies are…

  • – ADORABLE puppies that grow into ADORABLE dogs
  • – small size
  • – varied colors
  • – great temperament, although a little aggressive


On the not-so-plus side–

  • – you could end up combining the “worst of” each of the stock breeds – the Yorkie and the Maltese.

According to many experts, Yorkshire Terriers can be willful, making training difficult. They are very territorial – and so can bark a lot. They need tons of human attention.

The Maltese are famously hard to housetrain. They’re really not suitable for children because of their very fine bones. Maltese can be finicky eaters and often suffer from indigestion. And like the Yorkie, the Maltese is territorial and will bark, even bite, when he feels his family is threatened.

The downside of designer dogs

Not everyone agrees that they’re great

What’s their beef? Often so-called designer dogs are really just someone’s get-cash-quick scheme. They have a purebred, a friend has another – so let’s just mix them and see what happens. While there are many ethical breeds of hybrid dogs, a lot are fly-by-night and aren’t necessarily raising the most healthy, happy puppies.

Even worse… there’s a greater chance that your new buddy could have come from a puppy mill, which is a surefire way to heartbreak. How do you know your breeder is ethical? Here are a few obvious warning signs

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* the person selling the dog won’t meet you at his or her home. Instead, they suggest another location like a mall parking lot or will come to your house. BTW, be careful online. It’s ok to find a breeder online, but not ok to actually order the dog that way, or by phone.

* they don’t seem to know a lot about the breed, or designer breed, you’re considering

* when questioned about the pup’s parents, unethical breeders might seem clueless.

How else can you avoid a puppy mill dog?

The American Humane Society has a great page of tips finding a good breeder with lots of good information.

You can also check out their very disturbing pages, “Stop Puppy Mills” here. But be warned, this stuff is very upsetting.


A Morkie can look like either breed. It’s not necessarily a perfect mix. True dog breeds take many, many years and multiple generations of very careful breeding to develop their particular characteristics

Yorkshire Terrier Pups

Because they’re purebreds, their looks and color are consistent

Yorkshire Terriers feature a straight-flowing silky body coat of bright shiny lustrous “steel blue” and clear-shaded golden tan. Yorkies change to these colors from birth – when they’re all black with a touch of tan on the ears.

The hair is parted on the muzzle and from the base of the skull to the end of the tail. Square and well proportioned, the Yorkie holds its head high and has a very alert expression.

The Yorkie is a confident, sparkling and vigorous little dog. It shouldn’t exceed 7 lb. (3 kg) according to breed standards; however, many lovely Yorkies are 10 to 15 lbs.

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Here’s what Maltese look like

Beautiful pure white toy dogs

Like the Yorkie, the Maltese features a beautiful, flowing coat – but in pure white… no other colors allowed! That hair must be perfectly straight, and the longer the better. In a show dog, the hair hangs to the ground. Black lips, dark brown eyes and a black nose complete the little Maltese – which shouldn’t exceed 7 lbs (3 kgs)

The Maltese, first bred as a pampered lapdog for the wealthy, is one of the gentlest mannered of all little dogs although at times they seem fearless. They are intelligent, vigorous and very affectionate.

Leave your pawprint…

What do YOU think about Morkies?

Does a Morkie have more of what you’re looking for in a pet, than a purebred Yorkie or Maltese? Why?

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