My Cat Wont Stop Scratching Furniture – Best Solutions


my cat wont stop scratching furniture

Cat Scratching Your Couch?… And Wreaking Havoc on Your Furniture and Curtains?

The Bad News First: You can’t stop the cat scratching couch behavior. Scratching is innate and natural to cats.

The Good News: You can redirect that behavior to more appropriate surfaces and save your furniture, your sanity – and save your relationship with your cat.

You’ll also learn the ONE thing NOT to do to keep your cat from scratching.

my cat wont stop scratching furniture

Why does my cat scratch the couch?

Cat Scratching is a natural behavior that serves several functions.

Cats scratch to mark their territory. (I have two cats. When Patches scratches a particular sisal mat, it gets Leo’s attention, and he has to come “rescratch”.) They scratch to groom their claws – and they also scratch to stretch their muscles.

The cat scratching the couch isn’t a feline plot for revenge – your cat does it because it feels good, and it’s his way of “leaving a message”.


 Cat Scratching Couch Solution #1

You can’t stop the scratching behavior, but you can transfer the behavior to another surface.

If your cat is scratching the couch, get a scratching post and place it near the area that the cat likes to scratch.

Make sure the post matches your cat’s scratching preferences


Cat Scratching Couch Solution #2

The next thing you can do about your couch scratching cat is making the surface undesirable for the cat.

There are several ways to do this. You can put tin foil over the area, or put a double-sided tape on your sofa. (Test an area first.) Cats don’t like the feel of either of these items.

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When you make the surface undesirable and put the scratching post nearby, your cat will move his activities.

Cat Scratching Couch Solution #3

Use automatic noisemakers and air blasters.

These tools emit a sound or a blast of air that will deter the cat from the couch scratching area.

They’re also great because they can be there when you can’t and provide consistency.

(Stay Away has both sound and air blast. See below.)


  •  Air Blaster and Noise Maker

This product keeps your cats away from your couch, off your counters and out of anywhere you don’t want them to go.

There are refills because the air does run out. Even when it does, the sound continues to work. Both the air blast and sound can be adjusted 5 ways.

This is humane (no declawing) and is effective because it works when you’re not there providing the cat with consistency.

 What’s Your Cat’s Scratching Style?

How To Match the Scratch

It’s important to notice if your cat is scratching vertically or horizontally (or both). If you’re trying to stop your cat from scratching the couch for example, is your cat scratching the sides or on top of the cushions.

You need to make sure that the type of scratching post you get matches your cat’s preferred scratching style – flat or vertical.

You also want to match the surface texture matches as well (ie nubby cloth, carpet, sisal, etc).

The closer you match the texture and direction of the scratch, the more success you’re likely to see in redirecting the scratching behavior from the couch to the post.

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Save Your Furniture!

Get Your Cat His Own Furniture

Give your cat another surface to scratch. Make sure that you match your cat’s preferred surface and scratch style.

What NOT to do about your cat’s scratching

(There are other solutions!)

Warning: Soap Box Ahead

DO NOT Declaw your cat!

This is inhumane – most people don’t understand that they don’t just remove the claws – which would be bad enough by itself. They actually cut off the top of the cat’s toes. It’d be like getting each of your fingers cut off at the first knuckle.

Can you imagine? (I currently live in Italy and declawing is illegal in many European countries. It’s considered cruelty to animals.)

There are other solutions for stopping cat scratching. You can trim your cat’s claws, and they even make claw caps, but before you do that, try some of the techniques above.

 What’s Your Favorite Cat Deterrent Technique?

How do you keep your cat from scratching the couch?

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