Top 10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds


Most Beautiful Dog Breeds


Wolf is Dogs Ancestors

Do you know where these top 10 most beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, cutest, prettiest Dogs on the planet earth came from? Dogs are believed to be descendants of wild wolves. Perhaps this is the reason why dogs look like a wolf! They were the first wild animal to be tamed. Ancient man probably brought home cub wolves to raise as pets. The pet wolves were also useful in driving away bears and other wild animals.

All dogs on the list are beautiful, popular, cute, adorable and loving. They had been a man’s pet for over 14,000 years ago. Even though all these dogs vary greatly in appearance, they are identical in anatomy. They have 321 bones and 42 permanent teeth. Most dogs are able to detect scents far better than humans. They can also hear high-pitched sounds. Dogs mature by six months old. The lifespan of a dog on an average is between 8 to 15 years but you can extend their lifespan by up to 134%.

Whatever kind of dog you have, big, little, smooth haired, shaggy, fast, slow, playful or dignified, dogs make wonderful companions. Enjoy their companionship and remember they need plenty of love, attention, and petting to be happy.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds


Labrador Retriever

Chewing all the time

Labrador Retrievers Peel and Stick Wall DecalsChewing and mouthing is a common problem among Labradors. You will need to keep lots of chew toys and bones on hand in order to save your furniture and shoes. They like to greet returning family members and visitors with a trophy in their mouth, as well, so keep an eye on anything within his reach that is not tacked down. Exercising your lab before you leave the house and providing him with lots of bones is a must if you don’t want to come home and find couches destroyed.

Labs love holding things in their mouths, virtually anything will do, even hands or arms which they do very gently. A Lab can carry an egg in its mouth without breaking it, they have a very soft “feel” to their mouths. They do like chewing on things, but they can be trained not to.

Labradors do not normally make good watchdogs, although they will bark at a strange noise. They are far too easy going and trusting with strangers, being their best friend within 2 seconds of seeing them

The Labrador Retriever is the original water dog, with a weather resistant and waterproof coat and an “otter” tail it uses to steer like a boat’s rudder when swimming. Its heavy body set and strong legs enable the Labrador Retriever to powerfully swim and run – and frequent exercise is needed to keep the Labrador Retriever dog breed healthy and occupied. Amicable and sociable, the Labrador Retriever is a playful companion and a calm housedog.

Golden Retriever

Dog world’s most forgiving disposition

Golden Retriever Puppies Peel and Stick Wall Decalsthe Golden gets along with children, strangers, the elderly, other dogs, cats, and pets. They’ll happily dismiss all those dumb mistakes you’re bound to make. Whether you come home two hours late, forget his dinner bowl, or accidentally step on his tail, he’ll forget it ever happened once you smile at him. Newspaper accounts document the fact that even traumatic events like abuse, abandonment, and accidents don’t affect a Golden for any great length of time. A Golden’s ability to “bounce back,” and keep on loving and trusting people, is legendary.

German Shepherd

K9 Police Dogs

German Shepherd Peel and Stick Wall DecalsThe German shepherd is the world’s leading police, guard, and military dog. However, contrary to their appearance, they are not hostile, but are confident, self-assured and ever so slightly aloof. These fearless dogs are very affectionate towards those they consider family members, but may not seem personable to strangers for they are unlikely to make the first move. However, when approached by a stranger who they find acceptable, they will respond with affection. The temperament of a German shepherd is one of quiet confidence, with the lack of exuberance. An adult German shepherd temperament can almost be termed as ‘mature’. They are very loyal, forming strong bonds with family members. They have been known to defend owners against large animals such as bears. However, the negative aspect of this can often be a dog that is overprotective towards family members.

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As German shepherds were bred for their intelligence, this trait is a trademark of the breed. They are very easy to train, and it is said that they pick up simple tasks after only five repetitions. Most of the time, they will respond to the first command. These qualities, along with their strength and ability, make them perfectly suited for police duties, guarding, and search and rescue operations. They also fit very well into roles of companions, blind leaders, herding dogs, and guardians.

Siberian Husky

Sled Dog

Siberian Husky Peel and Stick Wall DecalsHusky owners choose this special breed for their unusual and exciting temperament. These great dogs are playful, happy-go-lucky, loving, very gentle and fond of their families. They have a keen, docile, relaxed and casual way about them. They do not bark, tend to howl and bore easily. Huskies are not good watchdogs and will be friends with almost everyone. They are most happy when around family members and are part of the group. Some temperament characteristics make the Siberian husky very popular as a family dog.

Huskies are great jogging companions. They do much better in cooler climates due to their under and outer coats. These dogs were developed to run and need this daily exercise or they will become bored. If a husky does not receive enough mental and physical exercise, they can become very destructive.

The husky is good with other dogs if raised with them from puppyhood. They tend to be aggressive towards cats. There are some behavioral characteristics that resemble their wolf ancestors.

They eat very little compared to other dogs and can run great distances with very little water and food. This toughness made them ideal sled dogs. This breed likes to run and owners should be cautious when taking the lease off as your husky can be miles away before he realizes he is lost.


Prolific Shedder

The Kuvasz is a very heavy shedder. He sheds an awful lot of hair! You’ll find hair all over your home, stuck to everything! You’ll probably even find it in the butter!

If he is brought up with them, the Kuvasz is highly protective of his family’s children. He may extend that protection to very young visiting children. When kids have friends over, though, the Kuvasz should not be left unsupervised. He’s likely to intervene in a misguided attempt to protect “his” children. And an adult Kuvasz who is not experienced with children needs time to get used to their quick movements and shrill voices — these dogs are not automatically “good with kids.” Teach children never to tease or mistreat the dog. As with any dog, never leave a Kuvasz alone with young children, no matter how well he knows them or how gentle he seems.

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Gentle Guardian

Bullmastiff Dog Peel and Stick Wall DecalsThe Gentle Guardian is possibly the most appropriate description one could give to the Bullmastiff. This relatively little-known breed of dog may be the best choice for the family that wants good dependable protection for the family members and their home. Bullmastiff’s often do not gain their full confidence until they are about two years old so the owner should not expect him to really come into his own until he reaches this age. After he matures he is one of the best if not the best watchdog available if a situation arises that requires his intervention.

Many people who see a bullmastiff playing with children or other friendly persons just cannot believe this breed can be anything but friendly, however if the need arises the Bullmastiff can quickly take on about a 180 degree change in his personality and can change from a friendly clown into the most determined attack dog imaginable, and punishment that would case some of the other breeds of dogs (that are famous for their viciousness) to let out a yelp and run for cover would just anger a Bullmastiff to a greater degree as he will fight any man or animal unto his death if necessary, To protect his master to whom he is so devoted.


The Stubborn

Bulldog Peel and Stick Wall DecalsThis dog always wants to be close to the owner, and very often it is impossible to stop him from sleeping on the bed – next to you. Also, any owner of a Bulldog cannot deny their stubbornness. They are very assertive and like everything around them to be calm and quiet. These dogs are very silent, they are barking only when it is necessary and it is quite possible even, that for a few days you will not hear the voice of your pet.

While the bulldog will generally get along with anyone and everybody they do tend to choose one person in particular and then stick with that person. The bond that the bulldog develops with his main carer and owner is like no other and they are completely devoted and thrive on attention and love, they do not do well when left alone for long periods of time. The bulldog isn’t a dog that you can own and then ignore except for when you want it around, it is a companion dog and it does need lots of attention and above all love from its owner, this is not a dog that can be left alone outside in a kennel as it simply will not thrive without love and affection.

While the bulldog is a very sweet adorable clown the breed does tend to have a mind of its own at times and can be very willful, you do have to have a firm voice when it comes to training but it is essential that you are very persistent but patient when it comes to the training. Never ever be tempted to hit or jerk your bulldog around if it doesn’t do as you want, they will not respond to this and will more often than not rebel against it.

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Saint Bernard

gentle giant a great predictor of avalanche

Saint Bernard, known as the “gentle giant,” is enormous, powerful, and well-muscled – all necessary characteristics for walking through deep snow. It is very intelligent and seems to be able to predict when an avalanche will occur.

This slow-moving gentle dog makes a great family pet. Although not particularly playful, it is good with children. Care should be taken to prevent accidents because of its large size, especially around small children. It can be stubborn but is loyal to its family and willing to please.

Great Dane

The Sensitive

Great Dane Puppies Peel and Stick Wall DecalsAlways remember that your Great Danes temperament is a reflection of his or her owners. If you greet another person warmly your Dane is likely to do the same, if you are apprehensive or nervous this will show the reaction of your dog.

The Great Dane is a very sensitive animal. Some people might find it comical to know that the Great Dane, in spite of their size, can very easily have his or her feeling hurt. This speaks volumes about the Great Dane temperament. They are so sensitive, in certain situations using the wrong tone of voice or yelling at your Dane can leave him or her feeling upset, hurt, or uneasy. More then anything your Dane just wants to please and protect you.

Owners should always remember that while the Great Dane temperament is very loving and gentle they are extremely large, sometimes weighing in at over 150 pounds. This can be very intimidating for strangers, no matter how friendly the dog, especially to those with small children. Great Danes are just as gentle and friendly with children as they are with adults.


The Body Guard

Doberman Puppy Peel and Stick Wall Decals

It likes to be physically close to the family members. Devoted and watchful, this is a very people oriented breed. The Doberman needs an owner who is willing and able to display a natural authority over the dog. Humans need to discipline the dog without being afraid of him.

All family members must be firm, confident and consistent, setting rules and sticking to them. Learning to handle the dog properly, as Dobermans can be pushy if allowed to have their own way.

The Doberman is naturally protective and does not need additional “protection” training to be a fine guard dog. He should be thoroughly socialized when young to prevent skittishness. Mental stimulation and a lot of daily exercises are important for a truly well-adjusted and happy Doberman. The Doberman must be consistently and thoroughly trained to be a good pet.

Training should be through positive reinforcement. Dobermans can be good family dogs if the alpha role belongs to the human is made clear and if they receive enough exercise, are well trained and are socialized with children.

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