Should I Adopt A Cat? What To Know Before Adopting A Cat


what to know before adopting a cat

Should I Adopt A Cat?

So, you want a furry little friend, huh?

I can’t blame you. I have two kittens at home, and they are the loves of my life. Well, after my soon-to-be husband of course. Cats are such wonderful companions, and in the right home, they will thrive and provide you with love and affection. But you can’t just go out and adopt a pet without first fully thinking it over. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re quite ready for a cat, here are some things that you might want to think about before you go out and bring Fluffy home.


Every pet, no matter how small or low maintenance they are will require things that cost money. For cats, the list might be a bit longer than some of your smaller pets like, say, a fish. Cats need at least one litter box, preferably more if you have more than one floor in your house, so that your cat won’t have to run up or down the stairs to go potty. You’ll need to buy litter regularly so that you have enough to keep the box clean at all times.

When it comes to price, dry cat food is normally cheaper, but wet cat food is less likely to cause your cat to vomit after eating. You should also make sure to check the ingredients – a lot of cat food that you’ll buy at your local pet store has fish in it, even if it isn’t fish flavored. Despite the common belief that cats can survive solely on a diet of fish, too much fish is actually bad for your cat. While fine in small amounts, it can cause health problems later on if fed too often. Better quality cat food might cost more, but if you want your furry friend to have the best, it’s a must.

You should also consider buying toys for your cat and make sure to get at least one scratching post if you don’t plan on de-clawing your new pet. While de-clawing may seem like a good option, it’s a painful procedure for them and has been known to cause increased hostility in cats. If you have enough funds, it’d be a much better option to get your cat’s claws trimmed every so often and train them to use a scratching post so they use that instead of your furniture.

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what to know before adopting a cat

While no one likes to think of their feline friend getting injured or ill, you have to be prepared for veterinary bills down the road. Places like the Humane Society will perform a lot of the basic tasks for relatively cheap, but you’ll often have to call ahead awhile in advance, since they may fill their schedule quickly.

If you’re willing to pay for all the costs your kitty will require, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Time & Energy

what to know before adopting a cat

Cats can be wonderful cuddle buddies, but that doesn’t mean that all they want to do is cuddle! Certain types of cats, especially the more exotic breeds, tend to be more playful and active. They’ll need lots of attention in order to be happy and fulfilled. Do you have time to play with their toys with them? If your schedule doesn’t allow for too much play time, you can always adopt an older cat or a cat who is already known to be a bit on the lazy side. Each cat is different in their needs, and you must be sure to accommodate the needs of your cat.

If you’re getting a long-haired cat, grooming is another time-consuming action you may have to deal with. Cats groom themselves, but some of the longer-haired cats will get dirty and messed up without some help from you. Find out what type of grooming supplies your cat needs, and how often you’ll need to have him or her groomed. It’s not required for all cats, but it will be necessary to keep some cats looking and feeling their best.

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what to know before adopting a cat


Is your house feline friendly? Cats are curious and like to explore. While it’s completely acceptable and understandable to have certain rooms off-limits to your cat, it is unacceptable to keep them locked in a small area. Again, certain breeds need more space than others. Find out how much space your cat needs, and make sure that space is available for their use.

If you are unwilling to keep your house clean and cat-proof, you’re probably not ready for a cat. If you often leave food lying about or have wires laying all around the floor, it might not be the best environment for your new pet. Very, very many human foods are unhealthy or even toxic for cats, and many cats like to chew on cords, not realizing that they may be in danger of receiving a deadly electric shock. Baby gates may or may not be enough to keep your cat out of rooms with potentially harmful substances. Smaller kittens may be able to squeeze through the gates, while larger cats can often jump over them. Make sure you think this through, and cat-proof your house before bringing the cat home.

what to know before adopting a cat

Children & Other Pets

Not all cats are friendly towards children and other pets. If you’re adopting from a shelter, they’ll usually have information on the cat’s temperament and can let you know if it would be unwise to allow the cat near young children and other cats or dogs. Cats that are very territorial or just don’t like your other pets or children probably aren’t the right cat for you if you have little ones and/or previous pets.

On the flip-side, young children don’t know how to handle a pet. If you have a toddler, you’ll have to keep a close eye on all interactions between your cat and child. A child may unwittingly harm the cat, resulting in an injury or aggressive behavior in the cat.

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what to know before adopting a cat

Things to Keep in Mind

If you’re sure that you’re ready for a cat, here’s just a few more things that you might want to keep in mind before deciding on a pet and bringing it home.

First of all, if you’re getting a cat from a breeder, make sure that it’s a reputable breeder. If the breeder stutters or hesitates when you ask questions about the breed or their operations, you may want to dig a bit deeper before buying a cat from them. Keep in mind that in areas that require a cattery license, not all breeders with cattery licenses are reputable, and not all breeders without one are necessarily ‘bad’ breeders.

Make sure to have everything ready before you bring your cat home. Don’t buy the cat, bring it home, and then run out to the store to buy everything your cat needs. It’s stressful enough bringing a pet into a new home. Make sure you have litter box and litter, food and water bowls, food, toys, scratching post, and everything else ready for your cat.

what to know before adopting a cat

Don’t expect your new pet to get comfortable right away. Make sure that you have the time to stay with your cat and ease him or her into the new environment. It’s never a good idea to get a new pet right before you’ll have to leave it home alone. Get your pet on a day where you won’t have to rush off to work or to meet a friend. Your cat will need you to help it get adjusted.

I believe that about covers it. If you believe that there is something important missing that I should add, please let me know! I’m always looking to improve and add to my articles

what to know before adopting a cat

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what to know before adopting a cat

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