Why My Dogs Breath Stinks So Bad?


why my dogs breath stinks so bad

So your dog has really bad breath? Well so does mine and millions of more pet owners have the same problem. My dog’s breath was so foul that I felt like vomiting every time he came near me.

I really love my dog and tried every which way to improve the smell of his breath. To solve your dogs’ bad breath problem we must first see what the cause is and then treat that problem.

If you do not already know, bad dog breath can sometimes be a symptom of underlying serious health problem your dog may be facing.

Here you will learn several reasons that cause dogs to have bad breath and solutions to cure it.

 What causes a dog to have bad breath?

understanding why your dog’s breath stinks

There are a few reasons that can make your dog have bad breath. Usually halitosis (bad breath)has oral causes such as gum diseasestartar build-up and other periodontal diseases.

Very often, poor digestion is the cause of bad breath in dogs. Partially digested food that is left on the mouth and on the tongue can create the bad breath.

Left unchecked, the resulting bacteria can enter the dog’s bloodstream, causing infection or damage to vital organs such as the kidneys, lungs, heart or liver. That’s why dog bad breath has been called the “Silent Killer of Pets.”

The following diseases can be the cause for your dog’s bad breath:

=> Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums)
=> Periodontitis (inflammation of the tissue that surrounds the tooth)
=> Abscessed tooth or teeth
=> Bone or hair stuck in the mouth
=> Oral ulceration
=> Foreign bodies in the mouth (such as plant material or grass awns)
=> Oral neoplasia (tumors of the mouth)
=> Lung diseases, such as lung cancer
=> Severe kidney disease

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How to Cure your Dog’s Bad Breath Problem

helpful tips to get rid of bad breath in dogs

Brushing Teeth to remove tartar and other foreign objects

The idea of brushing a dog’s teeth may seem ridiculous, but there are toothpastes on the market specifically designed for dogs and cats. they come in pleasant meaty flavors that the animals love – you can slowly train your dog to tolerate a daily brushing with an enzyme toothpaste formulated to dissolve tartar. dog owners who start this routine when the animal is quite young can often avoid bad breath in dogs altogether.

It is better to prevent the bad breath than to cure it later. Brushing your dog’s teeth, using Gumz-n-Teeth, and using dog chew toys to help scrape the tartar build-up are the best preventive and maintenance you can do to cure bad breath in your dogs.

Visit your Veterinarian

You should also visit your veterinarian to have them look into the other reasons for your dogs bad breath and for teeth cleaning services.

Emotional and Psychological issues with dog’s bad breath

If your dog has bad breath it creates an emotional and also psychological for both your dog and you.

Both you and your dog will feel bad when you start keeping some distance from your dog because you cannot stand the foul breath of your dog. Your dog will, of course, notice the difference and space you are keeping from him for some reason he has no control of.

Have your friends and family ever complained about your dog’s breath problem? I am sure no pet owner enjoy hearing such things about their beloved friend and dogs are smart enough to know when other people are complaining about them and they sure would not like it either.

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